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Browse our four different collections and find your perfect fit.


If you are unhappy with the piece you purchased, simply contact me  and return it within 30 days for a refund.

Shipping fees are not refundable.

See our collection of Trees crafted on stones and other gifts from Mother Earth accented by stone, glass and metal beads or all by itself with just a chain or cord.

This piece above is fossilized ammonite.  Spirals are important to me and you will see them frequently in my work.  They remind me to stay centered no matter what goes on around me. 

 Don't care for beaded accents?  This piece is simply the pendant with a tree.  These are generally smaller in size than the beaded collection for a more traditional look.  Click the Gallery above for the collection of trees on chains or cords.

This creation is a beautiful piece of moss agate with a copper tree. 

For a different look, these trees are wire with stone or glass foliage. Again with the spiral element in several of them.  Click Gallery above to view the collection of chip trees. 


This creation is made with violet cats eye glass chips on a copper tree.

Along with my collection of trees I also have a series of fused glass pieces created with dichroic and colored glass. Click the Gallery above to view this collection


Take a look at our Pine needle baskets and wall art. These one of a kind creations start with the pine needles being prepared and dyed, then they are stitched together by hand using an imitation sinew or waxed poly cord.  The basket centers are painted and designed sometimes with added elements and coated with resin. Check them out in the Gallery drop down above.


We also have 3 and 4 1/2 inch smaller wall art / ornaments created with similar process as our baskets.  These are perfect for a smaller space, a holiday tree, or as given as a unique, original gift.  Click the Gallery above for these collections. 

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