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2019-03-08 13.08.56-1
Tranquil forest
2019-03-08 13.19.35
Snowy Sunset
2019-03-08 13.30.54_edited
Foggy Forest
Misty Forest Reflection
2019-03-08 13.09.20
Misty Sunbeams
2019-03-08 13.12.06
Wild Path
Sunset in the Woods
2019-03-08 13.36.37
Dry Woods

My intent for my work is to hopefully offer a visual reminder of who we really are...Spiritual beings.  Trees offer the visual of connectedness between Mother Earth and the Etheric with the trunk of the tree connecting the two.  A tree will not stand for long without a good root system extending down into Mother Earth.  Nor can it survive without branches and leaves to  to transmute the energy of the sun into nutrients.  It is my belief that we are like trees and need to ground into Mother Earth and reach toward Spirit, however you understand it.  It is my hope that the work I create conveys a Spiritual connection whether consciously or unconsciously to the viewer.

My Vision

I believe in channeling my creative energy to produce unique artwork here, in Princeton, Minnesota. My inspiration for my work is the energy of mother earth and all that resides with and within her. Remembering Center Studio is born out of a combination of my education, training, experience and spiritual connection, which allows my perspective as an artist to touch the etheric and bring it into the mundane.  Art is how I offer new ways of viewing the world.

My Story

About Me
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